Thursday, July 15, 2004

Under Siege

Her Majesty's Government may kind of stink at defending the country from Jihadis, but at least they've identified the real alien menace threatening our shores: 

Foreign news channels such as Rupert Murdoch's Fox News may be made to carry on-screen "health warnings" under proposed new guidelines published yesterday covering accuracy and impartiality on television.

The broadcasting regulator Ofcom is to ask broadcasters and viewers for their opinion on the idea, which it said was a response to complaints about coverage of the Iraq war.

Ah yes, the unspecified number of complaints from undeclared sources - and these people want to lecture others about accurate reporting ? Note too how FOX gets mentioned - apparently Al-Jizz is the very model of impartial journalism. Lest you still be skeptical that this is a blatant Yank-bashing exercise, try this: 

The regulator said that audience research last year showed that viewers would like clearer identification of foreign news channels.

Yes: clearer identification that FOX, a channel which (literally) flies the flag on screen constantly, features a 100% US staff and breaks off from Iraq coverage to report on landslides in Utah, is -surprisingly enough - American. Let me guess what form the message will take: Warning - Ofcom has certified that this programme contains scenes of counter-revolutionary, Imperialist, running dog Yankee air pirates.
Just one question: is the Left really requiring that, purely on the basis of national origin, broadcasters should be required to carry demeaning labels implying that their product is of lower quality than programmes produced by Brits ? Isn't that kind of......
Meanwhile, the Guardian is reporting on something even worse: self-propelled Amerikkkan kitchen appliances storming into people's houses and forcing them to eat junk food. Read and be amazed at the perfect fusion of whiny victimhood and anti-Americanism.  

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