Sunday, July 25, 2004

Going Down...


Having long ago hit rock bottom, TINO has apparently called in a blasting crew and pneumatic drill. The man who writes screeds criticising Tailgunner Joe and Tony Martin for being too harsh on scum thinks nothing of posting an article fantasying about a 78 year old man suffering horrendous injuries.

As if to prove that without moral equivalence the Left could barely argue, TINO never actually says what it is about the Reverend Ian Paisley MP that means he deserves to suffer terrible injuries, instead he merely tags it onto the end of an article welcoming the demise of an IRA Godfathers. We're supposed to take it as read that they're both as bad as each other.

You probably remember the Rev Paisley being linked to hundreds of murders, or his rhetoric calling for the Protestants to annex the Republic, ethnically cleanse the Catholic population and establish a Marxist people's republic ? You don't ? That's possibly because neither the ends sought nor the means used by these two men were within a country mile of each other. TINO may as well fantasise about George Best being badly burned in a car accident since, hey - he's from Ulster too.

Joesph Cahill was an evil fanatic. If the Rev Paisley was fanatical about anything it was stopping low-life like Cahill. For that reason, the Rev Paisley has become a hate figure for a certain breed of babbler, just as surely as Joe McCarthy's inability to accept card-carrying Communists working in the code room of the Pentagon assured him of a place in the Lefty's Hall of Bogeymen. Why does the Left do this ? Who knows ? But I think James Lileks got close to at least one aspect of it:

But in the end the kerfuffle always comes down to the Clever Kids who cannot seem to process any emotion other than Bemused Ironic Distance from anyone who feels strongly about anything; when they arrive on the scene to survey the damage, their main contribution is to roll their eyes at how artlessly the dead bodies are arranged, no? You get the sense that it’s not the fact that people have erroneous positions that bothers the Clever Kids, it’s the fact that they have positions at all. The best position is no position, because then everyone’s so amusing, and really, that’s what it’s all about: standing above the fray and laughing at the people who take things so seriously. Because nothing is serious, except for certain things, and if you step out of line on those issues then you’re super-evil and you get the extra snarky scorn-sauce poured on your unflattering AP photos, and we’ll lie about you too, but hey! We lie about everyone, for fun. Eventually. Maybe. Whatever. Who cares. Do you like these shoes? They’re hot. But they pinch. Where’s the waiter?

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