Sunday, July 18, 2004

Excommunication Squad Required

Ah yes - science, the disinterested pursuit of truth. Doubtless the scientific community is even now ordering up the bouquets and garlands for the team of researchers who've just demonstrated that global warming is not in fact the result of over enthusiastic BBQ enthusiasts, car drivers or any other of the usual scapegoats. Or perhaps not, to judge by the fact that even the researchers themselves are frantically hedging away. They don't want a horse's head left in the lab.
Nevertheless, shockingly, it appears that planetary temperature is affected by the activity of a gigantic fusion reactor in the near vicinity. Hard to believe, I know, but there you have it. DumbJane won't light one fag too many and plunge the Earth into Hell after all. That'll be a relief for her. Of course now anthrogenic global warming is being shown to be a myth, can we expect the whiny ecotools to help themselves to a nice, hot cup of STFU ? Ah well, even if they move onto the next Apocalyspse D'Jour, we can now burn them at the stake with a clear conscience.

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