Sunday, July 11, 2004

Outrage D'Jour

Can we now close the debate over whether the civil liberties rabble are anything over than a bunch of L3 lowlife trying to sneak their agenda in via the back door ? Take a look at this and note the absence of cases of people being deafened by cries of outrage from the Left. Here our friends in blue have ripped up the law regarding 'reasonable suspicion' and grounds for arrest, yet you could read a book in the silence. A vote of thanks too for our five star legal profession. No doubt too tied up defending Jihadis to deal with the Filth taking a blowtorch to the statute book. Ditto the Judiciary, Mr Justice "Turn 'em Loose Bruce" would like to help, but he's too busy finding new and more inventive ways to let paedos go free. These people spend their lives playing violins for every scumbag in the country, but when a real outrage happens, they don't want to know. Hey - they're Liberals, they truly believe that agents of the State should be empowered to demand people prove their innocence, then store the data thus coerced until Hell freezes over. But what of Mikey boy ? Surely the kinder, gentler, fairy-soft Conservative Party doesn't go in for the kind of blatant thuggery ? Does it ?

[sound of crickets chirping, a train passes in the distance]

But there's always the ever-whacky Lib Dems, our wild and alternative Party. They won't go for the Man sticking it to ordinary Joe's, right ? Pfffft…in a clash between Big Government and the little guy there's never any doubt what side these people will choose. The media take a lot of stick, but they're the closest thing we have to an institution that'll stand up for the little guy. [What's that, Mr Politician ? Why, yes, they are scum, and they still beat you, so work it out for yourself]. Someone needs to say it clearly: police officers who break the law are the lowest of the low. They should be held personally accountable - with the accent on personally. Enough with this garbage whereby successful lawsuits merely result in the bill being passed onto council tax payers - apart from anything else that usually means the victims end up paying part of the bill themselves. Let bent coppers pay their own bills, and see then if they still want to moon at the House of Commons.

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