Sunday, July 18, 2004

Trouble At The Dept Of Victimhood

The sisters are scratching each others eyes out. Staggeringly enough, it turns out that well motivated and successful professionals resent having their reputation dragged through the mud by treasure-hunting slags. If the Conservative Party had any brains at all they'd recognise the chance to spring a huge demographic from Labour's Big Kitchen... oh, wait, I see the flaw in that plan.
Meanwhile, in further proof that we're approaching the End of Days, a lawyer tells the truth:
Ronnie Fox, senior partner at the employment law firm Fox Williams said: “What we say whenever a woman comes to us with a grievance is, ‘Was there an element of sexual discrimination? Why not just throw it in so we can claim more money.’ ”

Doubtless, there will be a huge demonstartion of fellow lawyers outside his office tomorrow, protesting that he's bnringing the profession into disrepute.

Won't there ?

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