Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Blame America

Scott B reports further evidence for my theory that the Golden Age of satire is over since the Left has now decisively gone past the point where any humorous exaggeration would not be overtaken by events by the end of the week. Take yesterday's intro to the Jeremy Vine Show for further proof of that.

Jegsy opens by talking about Iraq: "MPs debate Iraq intelligence. The PM says he didn't lie. Should he at least say sorry ?". So far, so L3, except - without so much as a pause for breath - he goes into the next item "misery for the people of Darfur and the world stands by". Gosh! This bloke's a tough marker. Toppling a murderous regime in an Islamic country is bad, but not toppling a murderous regime in an Islamic country is also bad. What do these people want ? The foreign policy equivalent of Schrodinger's cat ?

OK, when he meant 'the world' he could have been pointing to the absence of any bold foreign policy initiatives from Belgium, but instinct tells me the real villain of the people is Uncle Sam. When Arab Muslims slaughter black Muslims in a central African hell-hole then the blame clearly lies in Washington. Or at least it does if you're a member of the vast, sulky mass of eldery 14 year olds that make up modern Euroleft.

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