Sunday, July 04, 2004

The Myth That Won't Die

The grievance farmers are at it again:

A review of police stop and search powers has been launched by the Government because of claims that they have been disproportionately used against ethnic minorities.

The Home Office said black and Asian people "continue to be stopped and searched more regularly than white people".

Figures based on "resident populations" in the 2001 census show black people were six times more likely to be targeted by police than white people last year.

Blah, blah, blah. As ever, these figures alone are essentially meaningless. The two obvious factors are that illegal immigration renders the census figures artifically low, plus the fact that - how can one put this ? - the offences countered with stop/searches are more common in Tottenham than Ambridge. But to point this out is to miss the central scumbaggery inherent in citing these figures.

Consider a force which on a given day searches 300 blacks finding contraband in 60 cases and 200 whites, finding contraband in 20 cases. The LLL would insist that this proves the force is racially-biased against blacks, yet the self-same figures really reveal that innocent whites are twice as likely to be searched as innocent blacks. It's a scandal! Or possibly not. But it does illustrate how pointless it is merely to count searches, yet the L3 continue to use this as a stick to beat the Police. Without knowing the proportion of searches that do turn up illegal activity it is simply absurd to suggest that unnecessary searches are being made.

And there we have it. A bunch of race-hustling scuzballs using incomplete figures to stir up racial antipathy and anti-Police hatred. Hell, given that most of the victims of crime in Chapeltown and Moss Side are themselves black, no one can say that these rat molesting grudge miners are even acting out of a misplaced feeling of racial solidarity. 10-1 that after hobbling stop/search, the self-same 'community leaders' will pronounce that the consequent increased crime in black areas proves that the Police don't care about black-on-black crime. In the race-obsessed world of the left, the blue people are always wrong.

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