Sunday, July 25, 2004

No, We Know Scum Just Fine


Pre-seasons, hey ? Doncha'luv 'em ? Nope - me neither. Plus we had a minor riot at yesterday's game. Coins, seats and even a few bottles thrown. The bloke in front of me starts babbling about how terrible it all was, so I told him: 'Hey, granddad, I bet you don't know what a Libero is, what the highest ground in England is, or the only club in Britain with a J in it's name - so STFU already!!'

No, no, not really. I made the story up to make a point about what I think is absurd about this guy's complaints about my criticism of the rabble at the Tour de France. He claims that I, and the folks at Little Green Footballs, should all STFU until we know about the intricacies of biking. Say what ? We might not be so hot on biking, but we can spot scum when we see them. He can talk all he wants about the exact number of Basques who gave the finger to Lance Armstrong, but what of the two confirmed cases of spitting ? Or the fact that even The Tour's General Manager stated that he was feared violence (incidentally, since the head honcho is a Jean Marie Leblanc, he makes an unlikely frog hating fanatic). Or how about the vile campaign waged against Armstrong by the French press, even to the point of them breaking into his room to try and find (ie plant) evidence of drug abuse ? Just how big does a group have to be to lose 'tiny minority' status anyway ?

Of course, the author could conceivably just be on a 70s nostalgia deal, thinking back to a time before all this touchy-feely family friendly garbage in sport. I'm a real Conservative so I think he should have the right to do so, but - to return to the point I made in my original post - can he and his fellow travellers at least stop moralising about the Beautiful Game at the slightest provocation ?

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