Sunday, July 25, 2004

Dhimmis D'Jour

brave team effort from the nation's publishers, ever anxious to stand up for the right to kneel down, is only eclipsed by the news that the Holy Big Issue seller will be spending a day next year helping the RoP celebrate one of its holiest days.

Meanwhile, Will Cummings has really ruined his chances of ever winning the prestigious Golden Waistcoat, yet again he totally fails to understand that all that talk of mass slaughter, world domination and the like is really just a metaphor for helping sick bunny rabbits get well again:

Jenny sees in the revulsion for Islam displayed by the British National Party an echo of the anti-Semitism to which hideous German publications like Der Sturmer gave vent. Though why she has to ransack back numbers of hoary Fascist tradesheets when almost every mainstream Muslim paper in the world today is full of loathsome anti-Jewish rants and images isn't clear.

"In the miserable event" of "an al-Qaeda attack in Britain", she wrote last week - which repeated warnings from our Government have termed inevitable - "there is little doubt in my mind that assaults on peaceful, law-abiding British Muslims would increase".

Well, it's good to know that, as the rest of us hug our bottles of Evian in the irradiated ruins, mourning thousands of dead, Jenny will be lying awake at night worrying that someone might drop a dog poo through the letterbox of her local balti house. Such outrages, she warns, will be "fanned by an increasingly hysterical rhetoric - already in place - that encourages non-Muslim Britons to see each and every Muslim citizen as a threat". Whose rhetoric is that exactly?


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