Friday, December 12, 2003

What He Said

Tippity-Top Brit Blogger Peter Cuthbertson gets it:

Still, with all that, I disagree on one point. The threat isn't to all Western nations. Not when ethnic cleansing is being carried out in Khasmir, Filipinos are being slaughtered and Sudanese animists are being sold into slavery [the latter, not insignificantly, producing far less outrage among Liberals than the fact the US was involved in that trade 160 years ago].

We need to point this out early and often. There is nothing, nothing, that the Islamonuts can do that would dissuade certain sections of British society from pleading guilty on all our behalfs.

Well, there you have it. The enemy have obviously been humilated by the cultural imperialism of the Indians, what with McPatels springing up everywhere. It's the trauma of being colonised by the brutal Filipino empire. It's the rape of their natural resources by Sudanese Pagans.


The point is well made by Oriana Fallaci in 'The Rage And The Pride': Bhuddists don't even have a word for 'enemy' - the concept has no meaning to them. But still the Taliban destroyed statues of Bhudda in Afghanistan.

Maybe it was the aggressive posturing of the Dalai Lama that drove them over the edge ?

It isn't the West, it's everybody and everything that won't figuratively and literally submit. Why do they hate us ? Because we exist. And you can make as many puppets as you want, that'll still be true.

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