Tuesday, December 23, 2003

New Frontiers In Censorship

One of the most annoying liberal tactics is to try and claim some kind of moral equivalence between the BBC and Sky. The argument goes that the BBC might spin like a top but Sky is owned by Rupert Murdoch, and we all know how big corporations spin for the right.

Well, no, we don't actually. In the culture wars big business has been MIA most of the time, and positivly harmful for a lot of the rest. Take this heartwarming tale of how AOL sought to censor a poem mocking the race-hustle known as Kwanzaa. Censor the poem ? AOL even block e-mails containing links to sites containing the poem.

To be fair to the left (it is almost Christmas), their ox has been gored by AOL too, but there's no doubt which side of the political divide is most active at trying to block supposed 'offensive speech'. Certainly, you have to question how many liberals will be prepared to protest this kind of heavy-handed censorship of paying customers e-mail.

Still, as if to prove how effectivly the internet bypasses this kind of attempted chokehold, the poem's now up at The American Spectator site, so click and enjoy.

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