Sunday, December 14, 2003

It Ain't Shakespeare But It's True

If ever an entire organisation could be put on suicide watch, then it'll be the BBC tonight. The Robin Hood of Arabia has been captured by uSS Forcesand chemists around SW1 are experiencing a sudden hike in demand for razors and sleeping pills.

Still, even amongst disaster the Beeb can fight back the only way it knows how, by spinning like a top. A E Brain has the goods on how the Beeb's 'Talking Points' feature carries a wide range of views across the whole spectrum of moonbats. Or try these examples of ordinary Man-In-The-Street views:

It sounds more fantastic than one may think for a person of Saddam Hussein's military strength to be arrested in a simple way like that expressed by Paul Bremer. It is not my intention to negate the news but one has to approach it with caution.
Angelo J, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania

His military strength has gone to Hell to regroup.

Still, this next one comes from a predictable source:

I'm a bit sad that it puts an end to this battle of David against Goliath. We must acknowledge that Saddam Hussein is a cunning, if not a talented leader. He may look defeated, tired, dejected but when you think of all the means deployed to get rid of him, it's just a tremendous achievement to have been able to survive.
Bernard Franck Dehlinger, Ris-Orangis, France

Trust a Frenchman to be impressed by a well-conducted surrender.

I am very sorry to hear the news. I believe that he was the leader of not only the Iraqi people but also the Muslim people against the USA.
Iqbal Chowdhury, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Except the ones he killed, obviously.

Incidentally, I didn't cherry pick these three ambassadors from Outer Monheadia. Their effusions were on the page, one after the other. Certainly, they're hardly unrepresentative of what our State broadcaster extorts money from us to help spread.

For a more rational approach, head on over to Biased BBC and check out the comments. Most of it's good stuff, but here's the best, from Susan:

Fuck the BBC and fuck the horse they rode in on. "Have Your Say" would have probably broadcast regrets from Oswald Moseley after the Allies found Hitler and Eva Braun dead in the bunker.

Have a happy Christmas, Boss Hogg. You've just been sucker-punched by a simple-minded cowboy from Crawford, Texas. How does it feel?

What she said.

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