Thursday, December 11, 2003

BSc (Insanity Studies)

A senior Police Officer has criticised some Unis for having poor quality forensic science courses:

A senior policeman has criticised some of the forensic science courses on offer in universities because they do not prepare recruits for police forensic work.

For a Conservative, a clash between Academia and senior Police brass is like the cultural equivalent of the Iran-Iraq War - can't they both lose ? But the real eye-opener is in the main body of the story:

Courses include forensic investigation with tourism and leisure offered by Canterbury Christ Church University College, counselling skills with forensic biology offered by Chester College and film studies and forensic science, which can be studied at London South Bank University.

Forensic investigation with tourism and leisure ? Now there's synergy:

"Well, we've found the killer, and it's only 2:30. Let's go see the castle."

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