Monday, December 08, 2003

The Difficult First Post

How to start ?

I feel I should explain the nature of my motivation and the reason why I blog, but it seems presumptuous to assume anyone would care (or possibly even read it). Still, I feel it would be wrong to jump into my first post without a minimum of foreplay. But fortunately, my dilemma has been solved by a recent news story that not only demands a reply, but also allows me to say just why I feel I should blog.

Look at the headline here:

Prejudice 'hampering murder hunt'

Pretty bad, hey ? Except here's the first paragraph:

"A community's prejudice is hampering a murder inquiry into the brutal killing of a convicted paedophile, a senior detective has said."

Now, blah blah blah, murder bad, vigilantism bad and other disclaimers…. But c'mon, prejudice ? At first sight, I thought it didn't even make sense. Surely, it would only be prejudice if he was innocent ? Sure, deciding someone with their eyes too close together must be a nonce is prejudice, but deciding someone who's a nonce is a nonce sure ain't.

But no, that wasn't what he meant. He meant prejudice against paedophiles. They're victims, see ? Not unlike Jews in Nazi Germany.

If Liberal paedophileophilia was just provoked by Liberalism's descent into amoral, do-it-if-it-feels-good sleaze, that would be bad enough. But no, as evidenced here, not only do Liberals refuse to condemn perverts, they condemn those who speak out against them. What's happening here isn't an attempt to abolish morality, it's an attempt to turn it on its head. Not only are the Liberals defining down deviancy, they're also trying to cast those who will speak out for the common morality as mindless bigots. In the Liberal Utopia, paedophilia is a lifestyle option, but opposition to it… now, that's evil.

So, the Liberal-dominated legal system has not only placed itself at 180 to public opinion, it spits and snarls at those who speak out against it. That's the irony here, Liberals may claim to deplore this kind of vigilante killing, but by positioning the Courts as the enemy of the common morality, rather than its guardians, they have made such events far more likely. Who can trust the judiciary, when seemingly their every statement is an insult to the Great British Public ? The proverbial man on the Clapham omnibus now finds himself cast as a Neanderthal moron, a brainless thug or - the worst Liberal curse of them all - a right-wing extremist.

Well, enough already. No more with letting the Liberals close down the debate with their screeching, their sneering and their labelling. We've seen enough of the Liberal's brave new world to know that it stinks. We, the people, should stand up and say that it is they, not us, who are the extremist lunatics. We're not bigots, they're just elitist trash. We not only have the right, but the duty to tell these people to crawl back into whatever sewer they came out of. To say it as long as it takes, that it's them, not us, that are the weirdoes.

So that's why I want to blog.

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