Sunday, December 14, 2003

Chuck 'em Out

The outrages keep coming down in Buckinghamshire. First, there was this exercise in PC prostration:

A church has been told that it cannot publicise its Christmas services on a community notice board to avoid offending other religions.

The Church of England may be the established faith of the United Kingdom. But Buckinghamshire county council regards it as a "religious preference group" and the ban was upheld yesterday.

Officials from All Saints, High Wycombe, Bucks, hoped to promote the service of nine lessons and carols and midnight mass by displaying an A4 size poster on a board in the town's public library.

The poster contained no message or religious exhortation, simply the dates and times of the services.

Well, alright, you can sort of justify it as a hard line Jeffersonesque approach, with all manner of metaphorical walls separating Church & State. Except now we find out this:

A library that banned the display of posters promoting Christmas services for fear of offending other religions hosted a party to celebrate a Muslim festival only days earlier.

Church officials in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, were told by the town's public library last week that their posters could not be displayed because they pertained to a "religious preference group".

It emerged yesterday, however, that a party to celebrate Eid, the breaking of the fast of Ramadan, had been held there less than a week previously.

I believe the technical term for this type of situation is busted.

Let's not beat around the bush here. These people have been caught in outright, in-your-face, religious discrimination. Does anyone seriously doubt that if it had occurred the other way round the PC lynch mobs wouldn't be gathering on the steps of the Town Hall ? This isn't people singing 'Ba Ba Black Sheep', or referring to the nitty-gritty. If you wanted a textbook example of prejudice, this would be it. Which, of course, raises the question of why the dogs haven't barked ? Apparently, some forms of bigotry are acceptable after all. So, let's bear that in mind next time we hear some of the race hustling pond scum like Trevor Phillips, Dianne Abbot or Lee Jasper moralising on TV.

But what of the Council ? How have they reacted to this revelation of bigots operating within their own organisation ? Well, 'apologetic' isn't quite the word.

Margaret Dewar, the councillor who is responsible for libraries, said: "I am appalled at the attitude of these so-called Christians making such a fuss about this policy. The way they have reacted to the children's party is just shocking."

Well, actually, the Christians never reacted to the Party at all. They don't mind the party, they just want the same rights themselves. But, that's not the worst of it. What exactly qualifies this atheistic hack to judge who is, and is not, a Christian ? Will the witch in question be stopping off at the local mosque to advise on who the real Muslims are ? Or are Christians the only ones who get the benefit of her sneering arrogance ?

All of this is, of course, par for the course in the Land of the L3 [Loony, Left Liberals]. Except, that's not where we are. Hatred of Christianity together with hysterical attempts to label the victims of that prejudice as the guilty party certainly looks like Liberalism, but no, Buckinghamshire is a Conservative council. That's why this incident sums up better than Shakespeare could what's really wrong with the Conservative Party.

For conniving hacks like Dewar, their Conservatism is a pose, a tactical manoeuvre. Espousing Conservatism is the price of entry into the political class. If you could get elected by coming out in favour of cannibalism, Dewar would naming libraries after Jeffery Dahlmer. But, once they've got their feet under the table, there's never any doubt about which way they go in a clash between Conservative principles and the Liberal establishment. They won't risk missing out on cocktail party invites, and besides, a demo by the local branch of the SWP would really cut into golfing time. This is why many Conservatives, including myself, wouldn't join the Party in a million years. We've got better things to do with our time and money than help secure jobs for timeserving Tories-In-Name-Only like Dewar.

Now, as a real Conservative, I certainly agree Dewar and her fellow scum should be free to advance anti-Christian bigotry to their heart's content. What I disagree with is their attempt to pass it off as in any way Conservative. I return to the point I made above. This is a case of outright prejudice. If it happened the other way round, then there would be no hesitation in giving Dewar a hotseat ejection. Why should anyone hesitate this time ?

Sure, the Guardian, the BBC and other associated members of the non-thinking classes will rant and rave. Let them - nothing will help the Conservative Party more than hearing Liberals explain at great length why members of the established, majority religion of this country should be openly discriminated against. It'll help put clear blue water between left and right, with the Conservative Party as the only one which is prepared to say that bigotry is still bigotry however you dress it up. They should be proud to say these people have no place in their party.

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