Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Compare & Contrast II

Denis MacShane got a roasting for saying this:

“It is time for the elected and community leaders of British Muslims to make a choice: it is the British way, based on political dialogue and non-violent protests, or it is the way of the terrorists against (whom) the whole democratic world is now uniting.”

Fighting words, hey ? Apparently so:

His comments were criticised as “an outrage and extremely disgraceful” by Anas Altikriti, director of communications for the Muslim Association of Britain. Mr Altikriti said: “I am disappointed with the Foreign Office when it should be bringing Muslims together to counter this disease that we are all fighting. What these comments do is divide and antagonise.”

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said: “It is ridiculous. “What does he want us to do? Apologise so much as to give an indication that somehow we are all responsible when we are not?” Inayat Bunglawala, a spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, said: “We do not need lectures from a representative of a government that has conducted an unlawful war against Iraq. The Muslim community has consistently condemned terrorism and we condemn this latest attack.”

Except, would you believe it, up in the top bit of Wales, this happens:

North Wales Police Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom says anyone applying for a job in his force will have to sign a personal commitment to anti-racism.

So asking that prominent Muslims speak out against acts of terrorism is an outrage, but demanding cops sign a statement denouncing racist thought is A-OK. Apparently it's alright for the Filth to apologise so much as to give an indication that somehow they are all responsible.

These liberals - you really need a score card to keep up.

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