Sunday, December 21, 2003

Jesus: Messiah Or Psycho ?

The Beeb can't quite decide.

A trailer for Radio 2's 'The Good Book' features some maroon explaining that, it's "an awful simile, but that Jesus was like a suicide bomber in that he believed his death was the important thing".

I heard the trailer in question during 'The Jeremy Vine Show'. I didn't have a pen & paper to hand at the time and I figured with something so ludicrous, perhaps I'd misheard. So thanks to this guy for confirming the outrage.

Never mind the awful theology, it's a disgrace to see the BBC suggest that suicide bombers are suffering from an excess of despair, or feelings of inadequacy or whatever other fashionable malady d'jour. It's a blatant attempt to push the therapeutic meme, the idea that people who blow up crowded restraunts are the real victims . Well, these people aren't taking an overdose or hanging themselves. They choose to detonate on crowded buses or in bars because they want to kill infidels. The desire to kill overides their own survival instincts - it is pure hate that drives them, as evidenced by their own testimonies.

Maybe we'd take more seriously the Beeb's babbling about 'root causes if they themselves gave the slightest sign of understanding the true nature of those they support.

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