Wednesday, December 17, 2003

So Come On Then Liberals, Educate Me….

Any bets as to how long before Ian Huntley becomes a liberal cause celebre ? I give it three years before some Guardian journalist writes a sympathetic bio, five before some scumbag lawyer (sorry for the redundancy) first claims he was traumatised by his childhood and didn't get a fair trial due to the press, eight before the Court of Appeal slashes the tariff, fifteen before he gets out and fifteen years one month until he kills again.

So go on then liberals, what am I missing here ? What facet of his personality am I missing ? What redeeming human qualities does he have ? What exactly are the grey areas we conservatives keep being urged to consider ?

Even many conservatives, Anne Widdicombe for one, are against the rope on moral or practical grounds. I can understand that. What I can't understand is liberals who think the Huntleys of this world should ever again be permitted to walk the streets. But people who protest mobile phone masts because, hey - they might cause some kind of problem in some people somehow, will nevertheless argue that Huntley deserves a shipload of rights. They'll argue that they have the right to know about someone growing GM crops within five miles, but will claim we don't have a right to know if the bloke opposite is a proven killer. Maybe they're Christians who genuinely believe no one is irredeemable ? Except, some of the people who are most strongly supportive of scum-coddling are also the ones who think faith schools are like Hitler Youth camps, only worse.

So what is it ? Is it just snobbery and the desire not to be on the same side as the News of the World ? Is it the urge to shock the squares ? What reason exactly do these people have for why we should accept the constant slaughter of youngsters like Holly and Jessica. These people shed crocodile tears over losses in Iraq, constantly asking 'Is it worth it ? [even though they hate the Army and always have]'. Well, here's two kids cut down before they'd even started living. Was it worth it ?

No, this isn't an argument for the type of fascist BS some people are suggesting. If someone is found innocent, then they're innocent. No way should we accept the suggestion that people accused of particularly nasty crimes should be considered guilty, even though the State can't, y'know, get an actual verdict through. Maybe nothing could have been done to save these kids, but we sure can save Huntley's next victims. Just like we can save the victims of thousands of other perverts. We need to stop accepting pedophilia as part of our civilisation, it isn't, it's a repudiation of it. It's a scandal that in parts of our country it's more acceptable to defend paedophiles than to tell the one about Sir Elton going through Customs. Killing kids is one thing, but insensitive language - that really gets a liberals goat.

I say enough already. If nothing else, after this trial no one can say they don't know what paedophiles do. They aren't folks like us. They don't have a different point of view. They're scum who prey on the innocent. No more rights for vermin. When [and only when] a paedophile is positively identified, then all bets are off. No more with Chief Constables explaining that perverts have the right to stalk their next victims in perfect safety. We are at war with them. Holly and Jessica were casualties of that war. How many will it take before liberals shut the hell up and let us nail these low-lifes ?

So I'll say it again: liberals, am I missing something ?

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