Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tories Dealing With The Bottom Line

Further proof of the Tories' intellectual subsidance is visible in their (non) reaction to the Great Fireman Scandal. Of course, there's the obvious dilemma for Call Me Dave. On the one hand, 90% of the public are enraged by all this, on the other, grovelling to the Pink Wedge is pretty much the signature feature of the Nu Tories, so I guess this will be the one time they decide electability isn't so important after all. But there's more to it than that.

Enormous amounts of cake have been had and eaten by the Cameroonatics. They wax lyrical about the family even as they claim 'equality' demands they keep giving ground to the Pink Wedge. Well now the wheels have come off. When the Pink Wedge demand the right to have sex in public places - and remember, at least one A-Lister has already endorsed that position - that hardly comes under any obvious definition of 'equality'. Nope, it turns out they're an advocacy group with an agenda, you know, kind of like all those fascists on the right always said they were.

That sound you can hear is the fence collapsing under Cameron. Sooner or later, he's going to have to either break with the Pink Wedge, or stop yammering about 'families'. Take this story here. You can say it's a heart-warming tale of a guy who has finally broken free after years of living a lie, or maybe you think it's a squalid tale of a guy who abandoned his wife and kids because he wanted to have sex with someone else. Either position is debatable, except we soon won't be allowed to debate one of them.

To the point: there's a basic incompatibility between the doctrine of the gay rights movement and traditional values. You can't, for example, hold as your highest value 'being true to yourself' and fulfil family responsibilities. That's not to say people shouldn't be free to choose their own lifestyles, just that waxing lyrical about the 'family' even while you undermine it shouldn't fool anyone.

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