Friday, October 19, 2007

A Really Inconvenient Truth

I've been out of the loop for a while - someone remind me, are we supposed to submit to the superior knowledge of scientists or not ? I mean we've keep getting liberals in lab coats telling us that they've scientifically proven that we need to nationalise the means of production or the polar bears will drown, but then again, I'm thinking I've found one guy who won't qualify for the left's scientists-as-unimpeachable-oracles program.

Apparently, there's science and there's science. Conservatives who refuse to sell up and move into a teepee 'hate science' but I don't think anyone on this side of the Sanity Divide is trying to jail Glotal Wormers. Plus, unlike Gonadal Worming, where groupthink is enforced by the scientific equivalent of Legbreakers & Co, all the pressure is the other way on IQ research, but this time libs are claiming consensus is no big thing (and, what's more, Mars isn't full of hyper-intelligent black dudes who roll their eyes every time Trevor Phillips is mentioned).

It turns out that libs will wax lyrical about scientists, but only when they can be trusted to support the left. Hmmmm.... why does that sound familiar ? I'd take liberal objections to people questioning black's intelligence more seriously if they hadn's spent so much time and effort denouncing a former Provost of Stanford University as a complete maroon.

That's point two, of course. In so far as IQ research postulates that a putative average white guy will outscore an average black guy, it's about as much use as discussing who'd win in a fight between Batman and Spiderman. In so far as the whole concept of IQ averaged over a whole population is fairly useless, you'd hope liberals might finally see the problem with their collectivist idiocies (and, by the way, has anyone ever checked the IQ of the average lib) ?

Of course, the left thinks the concept of IQ is ludicrous anyway. Their supa-intelligence is too broad-ranging ever to be caught in such a shallow, quantitative way. IQ tests are completely useless, except when they're not (hey, that Thomas Sowell writes well - he must be white).

In other words, the left is enraged because the science shows that when two entirely theoretical constructs are compared, one scores higher than the other on a measure they hate anyway. This is like conservatives being enraged by scientists showing that the average rightist has less ESP than a liberal.

Not that actual facts are ever important to the left. PC was never about specifics, it was about the right of liberal thugs to impose their world view on everyone else. That's why Fat Al has got his Nobel Prize for his sci-fi movie, while James Watson has been the victim of a media drive-by. Not because of the science, but because one serves the needs of leftism and one doesn't. That's all it is, that's all the left's supposedly deep thoughts ever amount to: get with the program, or they'll send the boys round.

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