Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sainsburys To British: Get Lost (But Leave Your Wallet Behind)

I couldn't get too worked up about Sainsbury's experiment in dhimmitude. I regarded it as poetic justice: recruit cheap, but insane, Islamopaths, find yourself with one hell of a camel in the tent.

Apparently, other folk must have felt the same, so now they've decided to ram the point home:
Sainsbury's said that it will employ more immigrant workers because they have a "superior" work ethic.

The supermarket chain said it hopes the diligent approach of Eastern Europeans and other new arrivals will spread to domestic workers.
It gets better:
Sainsbury's said that more could be done to help migrant workers get advice on housing, banking, language and understanding the UK culture.

"Language barriers are a disadvantage, and migrants understanding of health and safety requirements are naturally a major concern," said the company.
Yes, indeed: more could be done. What are you waiting for ? Let's fork over our taxes so huge corporations can replace us with cheap labour.

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