Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BBC Busted

In amongst all the slightly ludicrous frauds involving Blue Peter and the like, it's worth remembering that the BBC are quite capable of far more vicious forms of sleaze.

Consider the chutzpah of it all though. The sliming of this officer was in the cause of pushing the left-wing meme that the police suffer from a culture of corruption. Well now the BBC's case has been utterly debunked, how come we're not allowed to ask what it all says about the BBC's culture ? After all, we're talking about a publicly-funded body that tried to destroy a man's life in the service of a cop-hating agenda. Isn't that kind of - what's the word ? - ah yes, corrupt.

In so far as the BBC's efforts specifically targeted an innocent man, why should the public servants responsible for this outrage have their anonymity protected ? In so far as this smear reads like something from the unhinged left, aren't we allowed to draw our own conclusions about why the BBC won't let us know just who was behind it ? Must be another example of their 'diverse' work force in operation.

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