Thursday, October 04, 2007

Political Suicide Too

Like a lot of conservatives, I'm never too happy about the free market. I mean, I accept the whole efficiency thing, I just don't think that's the only consideration. We're all in favour of 'wasting' public money if it'll serve a cultural objective.

Naturally enough, libertarians don't feel the same way, hence why I think FBJ misses an important point here. Yes, this insane strike will help push the Royal Mail further towards irrelevance, but there's more to it than just the technology. Plenty of conservatives were willing to go on supporting even a shambolic mail service as a vital part of the nation's infrastructure, but now we find that the unions are using their privileged position to hold the nation to ransom.

Well, screw that! Infrastructure is only useful if it works. If these people can't actually deliver the mail, why bother with them ? Remove the monopoly, and let UPS do their worst.

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