Tuesday, October 30, 2007

But At Least No One Mentioned IQ.....

As is well known, the internet is full of extremist loons, unlike the carefully-controlled world of the professional media, where balance and impartiality are everything. Take, for example, how Channel 4 balances dramas featuring British soldiers murdering innocent civilians with dramas featuring heroic suicide bombers.

Call me a harsh marker, but I'm thinking if your reaction to a political reverse is to blow up the 8:15, you're probably not really a moderate in the first place. Ditto, could the Islamopaths give us a hint as to which Islamic hell hole has the type of less 'Draconian' approach to civil rights they approve of ? Hell, even control orders - the left's Auschwitz - were only brought in after the Law Lords ruled that being a convicted terrorist should be a plus point for immigration - they might get persecuted back home, see ?

Back to the main point though, I think this is a form of bias many folks on the right underestimate. True, the bias in the (allegedly) factual output is annoying enough, but even fictional works can play their part in making the cultural weather. The ever-excellent Libertas puts its finger on the problem, albeit in a slightly different context, here:
Given the choice, I’d show a child of mine a Hostel or Saw before any film that portrayed drug use or loveless sex as liberating, adultery as a ticket to true love, or dehumanized a segment of society be they gays or soldiers; because no one’s going to kidnap a girl and torture them who wasn’t already inclined to, but people can be nudged by degrees. It’s what a film says is acceptable that often proves the most insidious. Or, as in the case of the Pedro Almodovars out there, when that which isn’t acceptable is romanticized.
Exactly. The problem with Channel 4's output isn't that it carries Islamofascist talking points - though it does - it's that it implicitly accepts the world view underlying Islamofascism: soldiers are murderous thugs, while murderous thugs are freedom fighters. Having to abide by the law of the land is oppressive, while murdering people to force them to adopt your religion is not. Infidels defending themselves from Islamic violence is a provocation. This is the world as Bin Laden sees it.

All of which would not be so bad, but these are the self-same people who twitter about hate speech. I think once you've dipped into hagiography of murder, you've pretty much lost the moral high ground.

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