Monday, October 22, 2007

Liberalism-Related Incident

Who'd have thunk it ? After all those years of libs campaigning to raise the age of criminal responsibility - and taking out onions for those murderous savages poor unfortunates they couldn't get off the hook - libs have now decided that criminal responsibility starts at age 4.

Ditto, FR rightly points out that that we seem to be missing that other stuff, 'evidence'. Liberals are outraged if anyone suggests airport security should pay special attention to the Bin Laden lookalike just back from six months in Pakistan, but an incident involving a native Briton ? Well, you know what those people are like.

Hey, do you think Mrs Phipps is one of those teachers we're supposed to trust to put Fat Al's sci-fi movie in context ? I mean, it's nice that even a card-carrying libtard finally acknowledges that a complete absence of evidence may indeed be suggestive of innocence, but that does tend to ram home the basic offensiveness of the whole thing. Here's a four-year old child finding himself conscripted into the left's two-minute hate. Just how utterly corrupted do you have to be to do that ?

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