Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What We Can Learn From The Left

I never thought I’d say it, but the Left has a point. What bought me to this life-changing decision was seeing Nick Cohen’s article about the BBC. Nick thinks the cure for BBC bias is for the BBC to stop producing opinion pieces, and concentrate on news. Or to put it another way, even more emphasis on Orla Moron moving through completely destroyed cities. Hey, you can’t get a latte there so it’s not capable of supporting civilised life, is it ?

Nope, cosmetic fixes won’t do it. It’s not just that the BBC’s opinion output tilts Left, it’s that they’re so far gone they can’t produce anything except opinion. One might even say the bias is institutional. Did you know for example that the BBC has a policy of placing 10% of its advertising in ‘The Voice’, the journal of choice for race hustlers. They claim that if they’re going to recruit blacks, they need to advertise in a black newspaper. So what conclusion can we draw from the fact that the other 90% is placed in the Guardian, the moonbat’s house journal ?

Let’s deal with it the way the Left does. Yep, let’s bring in the whole raft of Lefty social engineering measures. Forget just spreading the advertising around. Let’s see managers forced to employ at least 33% Conservatives. And how about disciplinary action for any employees found disparaging Conservatives ? Or diversity seminars, in which staff will be forced to role play being Conservatives ? They could have regular Conservative cultural days, with employees encouraged to explore the culture of the Right, and with Conservatives paid huge salaries to run them. Come to think of it, how about making shows feature positive Conservative role models (seriously, when was the last time a BBC show featured a positive character with Conservative views) ? Most of all - and this is important - Five Live's Nicky Campbell would be restricted to mime.

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