Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kim Jong Prezza

Say what you like about North Korea’s presiding dwarf, but he fulfils an important social role. He’s the perfect barometer of the moral corruption of the modern Left, a sort of extreme version of John Prescott. North Korea makes Cuba look like Sweden, but suddenly the Elvis look-alike is being cast as Robin Hood battling the evil Sherriff of Texas.

Hey, the Left isn’t even bothering to cobble together the usual ‘they have great health-care’ type alibis. North Korea is hellish, but as long as it’s opposed to the US, the Left will continue to treat its presiding loon as a loveable rogue with a few eccentricities.

Lefty moralising is bad enough at the best of times, but shouldn’t there be some actual, y’know, morals involved ? But no, penning winking tributes to sadistic lunatics is where ethical foreign policy is at these days.

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