Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The New Order, How's That Working Out For You ?

Who’d have thunk it ? The Tory Party Conference has collapsed into farce due to their inability to hand out the entry passes. Hey, Cameroonatics – here’s a useful tip: if your USP is supposed to be that you’re sweeping away tired, blundering provincial losers and replacing them with the super-smart Metropolitan Oxbridge elite, you might want to avoid screwing up a job that the bumpkins have been doing just fine for the previous hundred years or so.

This isn’t a minor point. Au contrair, it goes to the heart of Cameroonacy. Criticising Opus Dave for not having any actual policies misses the point. They were never about policy in the sense of wanting to drive through any particular changes, nope, they think the system is fine as is – it just needs to be run by people as wonderful as their own selves. What we’re seeing in the Tories is the first example of a mainstream party basing its entire platform on rampant egomania. Now, we’ve had the first chance to see the type of organisational genius that’ll save the NHS. Impressed ?

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