Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Darwin Strikes Back!

These are the days we in the VRWC live for - it’s Health Nazis Vs Femiloons. A vote of thanks too for the eduhcaytion system. So the obsessive Sex Ed not only fails to reduce teenage pregnancy, it also doesn’t teach these kids how to handle it when the inevitable happens. Just what the hell are they teaching ?

Still, there’s one other thing: is it just me, or is anybody else wondering whether the Left has finally ODed on the crazy pills ? Liberals are solemnly discussing what could possibly drive pregnant women to risk their foetuses’ health for their own convenience. What happened to a women’s right to choose to smoke ?

Hey, I’m no Right to Lifer, but you got to wonder what slogan the Left will use for this campaign: ‘Don’t Take Risks With Your Babies Health, Go For A Clean Kill Instead’.

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