Sunday, October 08, 2006

But What About Prince Harry ?

OK, so few things in politics have ever been less convincing than Dhimmi Jack’s sudden awakening to the dangers of Islamofascism, but there’s still an important point to be made here. Yep, Straw is obviously angling for a shot at the top job but, hang on a mo’, hasn’t the MSM been telling us for years that everything in the garden is rosy ? Yet, even in the Labour Party, anti-dhimmitude is what the public want. And all this despite the MSM’s incessant lying about what the veil means.

Far from being a religious symbol, equivalent to a cross or a skull cap, the headscarf/veil/burka et al are overtly political symbols, and pretty nasty politics at that - even some Islamic countries have banned the wearing of headscarfs. The comparison isn’t with people wearing a crucifix, it’s with people wearing KKK robes.

This is the wider point about Islam. All this talk of religious freedom is nonsensical. People don’t oppose Islam on metaphysical grounds, they oppose it because it is a utterly deprived ideology. People wearing headscarfs are advertising that they (or more likely their ‘owner’) are supporters of an ideology that calls for genocide, slavery and world domination.

See, this is why it matters. This issue is the perfect distillation of the insanity of multi-culturalism. Muslims insist they have right to parade round in death cult regalia, but insist that no one discriminate against people who support mass murder. How about a compromise ? They get to proclaim their approval of slaughtering the innocent, we get to treat them like people who approve of slaughtering the innocent ?

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