Monday, October 02, 2006

It's Worse

Yep. One of the defining features of the Cold War was the way Liberals combined constant hysteria about Thatcher and Reagan with their belief that even the most outrageously thuggish statements from the Kremlin actually reflected a deep desire for peace.

Mind you, at least we didn't have to preface any criticism of the USSR with a ten minute explanation of how Marxism was an ideology of peace, and we didn't have MPs complaining that Communists were being discrimiated against because they couldn't join MI-5.

One other feature of that era survives: the Kremlinologist. Of course, back in the day the Kremlinologists'used their skills to try and interpret the fragments of information emerging from behind the Iron Curtain. They claimed to be able to tell which Politburo faction was stronger or weaker according to how Pravda reported on grain yields in the Ukraine. Nowadays, the same skills are required to read our own MSM.

Take the case of the incredible disappearing suspects. I think it's pretty much a given these days that when a serious crime is reported, but no details of the assailant are given, it's unlikely he'll be qualified for membership of the BNP, if you get my drift. And so it goes - if the MSM even gets round to actually reporting in the first place: we're now into week two of the MSM's news blackout on the Brussels riots.

Come to think of it, with their determination to downplay, or just plain ignore, bad news, the MSM has become this war's Pravda. Just as the Soviet press resolutely kept reporting on quotas being exceeded, even as the economy fell apart, we now have the MSM pushing its own form of denial.

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