Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Left Is Eating Itself

First, we had Health Nazis vs Femiloons, now we've got the Hobblin' Hustlers squaring up to the Islamopaths. What's gone right ?

Disability rights activists should be less annoying than other minority groups. After all, they really do have a disadvantage, rather than say, feminists, who seem to be 90% well-off fat chicks whining that their lives aren't even more insanely pampered than they already are. The trouble is that having actual grounds for complaint has merely led them to crank the obnoxiousness up to 11.

No matter how annoying the race hustlers are, at least they've never insisted that some old granny who runs a sweet shop in a Welsh village should spend thousands on the off-chance that a passing Jamaican wants to buy some sweets. Meanwhile the disability mafia is demanding that we flatten Ben Nevis just in case some welfare queen in a wheelchair wants to go up it. Oh...and sueing the Scarborough Marshland Animal Reserve for not being wheelchair accessible.

Never mind all that talk of how the black community went from Louis Armstrong to some bunch of idiot rappers. How the hell did we go so fast from Douglas Bader mixing it with 109s over Calais to a bunch of scrounging deadbeat shakedown artists ?

So, that's one reason why the Islamopaths get more sympathy from me than you might expect. The other is that I worry about the state taking it upon itself to order people to behave in ways contary to their own religious beliefs. After all, we're not talking about a public servant here. Yes, taxis are licenced, but so are pharmaceists - should the state force them to prescibe abortion pills ? Hell, should doctors be forced to carry out abortions ?

The thing is though, as ever with Islamopaths, all this talk of 'religion' is garbage. It's never just religion with these people. This is another attempt at chipping away at the law and carving out special status for Islamopaths. They've even tried this before with taxis. No matter how stupid the disability discrimination laws are, they are the law and they should be upheld. What's more, these are laws Leftists forced through - it's their own laws we're talking about.

For now though, let's just enjoy Liberals splashing around on the horns of an entirely self-made dilema. To support the maimed moochers or to embrace dhimmitude ? I think we need to break out the cards.


It's an epidemic!

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