Monday, October 16, 2006

In Order To Combat Racism, This Post Will Be In Swedish

There’s been a little cross-chat in the blogosphere recently as to the motivation of parents who send their kids private, with some Libs snarking that it’s all about the snobbery. The debate has mainly revolved around the question of whether parents can, or can’t, expect better exam results by going private. Personally, I can’t help feeling there’s something else there, aside from the whole question of exam results, some other factor. Ah yes – that’s it: a huge chunk of state school teachers are howling mad moonbats.

Evidence ? We got your evidence right here! Put in a discussion group with people who don’t speak your language, then arrested after you ask to be moved ? If Ayn Rand had teamed up with the Python boys, this is what they would have produced.

As a commentator over here points out, the only racism on display is that of the educrats. They assign the Urdu speakers to a single group so they can all work in their own tongue, but when a native asks for the same courtesy ? Outrageous! Nazi! Racist!

Actually, that’s another thing right there. What’s with the teacher ranting away at a 14 year old girl ? Forget the politics, Libs claim to oppose allowing parent’s to smack their children because ‘they wouldn’t be allowed to smack adults’ (huh ?), so how come it’s OK for some unhinged moonbat to download their toxic ideology onto some kid ? And all this on the taxpayers dime, natch! Maybe the school is so successful they can afford to spend time waging the culture war ? Ah no, perhaps not:
It had the worst GCSE results in the entire Salford LEA last year with just 15 per cent of pupils achieving five good passes including English and maths, a third of the national average.
Further proof for my theory that there’s no better sign of a weak school than the staff suddenly deciding to branch off into dietary advice, social engineering or any other theatre of the culture war.
Headteacher Dr Antony Edkins said: "An allegation of a serious nature was made concerning a racially motivated remark by one student towards a group of Asian students new to the school and new to the country."

"We aim to ensure a caring and tolerant attitude towards people and pupils of all ethnic backgrounds and will not stand for racism in any form
Coming back at you! I hereby allege that Edkins is a nonce, and child molestation is a serious offence, so he deserves to be jailed. Hey, this Liberal logic is fun! It does work both way, right ? You know, I’m pretty sure a search of the Witchfinder General’s papers will uncover a file explaining that he ‘will not stand for devilry in any form’.

Incidentally, is there anything more pretentious than a PhD who insists on being called ‘Dr’ ? I dunno, but maybe if this tart stopped giving himself absurd airs and graces and trying to garner a favourable editorial in the Guardian, he might get his school up to… well, actually second from bottom would be an improvement, wouldn’t it ?

See, this is it right there. Parents don’t just go private for better teachers, they also go private for sane ones. Teachers who actually want to teach, as opposed to wage cultural jihad. Heads who want to run a school, not a re-education camp. Liberals would no doubt deny that things are that bad, but if that’s true shouldn’t there be an equal number of defenders of state schooling on the Right ? Where are they ?

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