Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why Liberal Educrats Are Like Vampires

The NUT conference might have been dominated by Liberals ranting about faith schools but, proving once again the Educrats’ famous commitment to diversity, the ATL conference has been dominated by Liberals ranting about faith schools. For a guy they claim doesn’t exist, God sure annoys Liberals.

In fairness to the ATL, at least some of their delegates saw a certain problem in their position:
Teachers are calling on the government to end all state funding for newly created faith schools by 2020.
The Association of Teachers and Lecturers' annual conference heard they could be "an assault on tolerance".
But some delegates in the conference hall at Gateshead said the ATL's motion was itself intolerant.
Well, quite. It’s hard (i.e. impossible) to imagine a conference of churchmen being dominated by folks ranting about non-faith schools. The hate is all coming from one side of the debate.
Hank Roberts, from Brent in London, who proposed the motion, said: "Massive forces and billions of pounds are being mobilised and spent in a worldwide assault on tolerance, secular education and scientific rationality."
Run for your lives! The Christians are coming! Pretty soon, they’ll be no chance of our kids getting the kind of enlightened, rational education where they don’t actually learn anything. When Liberals start talking about their desire to serve the needs of employers, it’s time to put the waders on – it’s soon going to be waist deep (not that a bunch of drug sodden dropouts who’ve never held a real job in their lives aren’t just the perfect people to decide what business really needs).

What it’s about, of course, is getting out from under those pesky objective standards. After all, teaching kids actual knowledge runs the risk of someone testing them to find out how much they’ve actually learnt. Much safer to spend time on happy-clappy ‘skill development’.

It’s no wonder these people are desperate to nobble faith schools. With great minds like this running our state schools, they sure can’t compete against faith schools in a fair contest.

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