Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Cap Fits

Returning briefly to England from France for a speaking engagement, I bought three of the major dailies to catch up on the latest developments in my native land. The impression they gave was of a country in the grip of a thoroughgoing moral frivolity. In a strange inversion of proper priorities, important matters are taken lightly and trivial ones taken seriously.
As ever, the good doctor is bang on. Consider recent events in law enforcement. Liberals have been all a flutter after Channel 4 exclusively revealed that public sector workers can be lazy (not that they put it that way), but while Cheapkebabgate was dominating the headlines, you needed to hire sniffer dogs to find this story (or have a commenter point it out – thanks Max!).

Lemme check the scorecard here….hmmm, now I think about it, I’d have to say that murder does seem more serious than cricket in the car park. But don’t tell Liberals that. What an insight it was into the way Britain is policed that a Chief Constable can come out with this:
Even if we had arrested Quintas following the assault, it can only be a matter of speculation whether that would have changed his intentions or behaviour
True enough, but by completely failing to mount an effective response to his crimes, the police themselves encouraged Quintas to ramp up his offending. It’s ‘broken windows’ again. Come to think of it, isn’t domestic violence just about the only context where Liberals think there’s a role for ‘zero tolerance’ ? But no, the femiloon community, predictably enraged by the failure of police to treat allegations by members of the underclass as the Word of God, are unmoved by actual, real savagery.

So now the worker bees face another round of witch hunting, with raids being made on suburban police stations to try and find naughty pictures. Meanwhile, a dysfunctional system that sends cops after mystery dogs instead of psycho ex-boyfriends needs no overhaul. Chief Constables can go about their business mercifully free of the ‘professional standards’ KGB, no matter how many pointless deaths there are on their watch. For the rest of us, I guess the answers simple: if you need the police fast, make a point of telling them how worried you are about ‘mein sheepen’, that way they might mistake you for a distressed German shepherd.

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