Monday, April 17, 2006

More Of That Liberal Anti-Racism

It’s ‘BNP Week’ in the political world, which means charges of racism will be flying round like MPs on fact-finding tours. Fortunately, an unusual voice has emerged to stand against bogus charges of racism. Yes, indeed, thanks to the BBC and their many generous Liberal commentors, we can now see the list of things that sound like racism, but aren’t.

Of course, there’s no helping some people. Even the first of the victims claims that being abused on grounds of her national origin ‘feels like a kind of racism’. Well, quite. The BBC helpfully points out that she ‘doesn't agree with the war in Iraq and didn't vote for Bush’, thereby subtlety implying that if she did or she had, she’d deserve all she gets. Frankly, that’s a relief. Just last week the L3 were explaining to us that black employees were entitled to wear racist regalia in the workplace, but I like these new rules much better. Now, we can insist blacks disavow drug-dealing, rap music and Ian ‘Moron, Init’ Wright, otherwise all PC bets are off.

But it’s in the comments where the real revelations are (as in the comments hosted by our ultra-sensitive, PC BBC, host of the censorfest that is Don't Have Your Say). Did you know, for example, that it’s OK to hold people responsible for alleged offences carried out by completely different people who are members of the same racial group ?
As a Muslim studying abroad I can sympathise with her. However, she has only suffered a black eye and had hurtful words thrown at her, whereas I have family members who are now buried six feet under in Basra due to her government's actions.
Ahmed, UK
Oh, yeah, don’t worry if the charge makes no actual sense – like blaming the Americans for what happens in the British sector of Iraq - that still doesn’t make you sound like a bigoted loon.

Once again, remember those people only deserve civilized behavior if they express the right views:
It's very unfortunate that individuals should be singled out like this purely because of where they come from. But I would say to Christian Cox, don't defend Bush if you don't agree with him, and don't express unqualified pride in your country which is - like ours - great, but flawed, and you might get a better reception from most Brits!
David Ewen, London
Besides, the victims probably deserve it anyway:
I can understand how upsetting it is for people such as Ms Cox. However, I think Americans need to be educated in such a way that equips them better to travel without appearing to treat to rest of the world like an extension of Disneyland. I frequently hear patronising, insensitive comments made by American tourists who are tarnishing the reputation of their compatriots.
Tom Watson, Rome, Italy
As always though, be alert to members of inferior races trying to avoid racist abuse by passing themselves off as humans.
If you suspect your 'Canadian' is actually American, ask them to name three provinces (excluding Ontario). Or ask them what the capital of Saskatchewan is. You'll soon know. (We don't like the either, by the way.)
Jim Connolly, Toronto, Canada
So, there you have it, a license-fee funded look into the world of the anti-racist Left, all courtesy of a company which won’t even call Islamic terrorists 'Islamic terrorists' lest it encourage bigotry against bombers.

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