Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Foxes Meet To Discuss Henhouse Security

Today was the day Princess Tony met the Manchurian Candidate to discuss party funding. I haven’t heard any reports of the meeting, but I’ll take a wild shot in the dark as to the conclusion: both parties are bent as a £7 note so the only answer is to give them huge amounts of public money, presumably with a small sum set aside to investigate why people are so cynical about politics. Maybe they should remind people that if it wasn’t for Big Government people in businesses would be able to get together to rip off the public ?

Still, there’s something weird in finding out just how dependent the ‘People’s Party’ is on filthy lucre from millionaires. Then again, what’s with a Party that supposedly represents low tax and personal responsibility getting behind massive bailout for a failing nationalised industry ? Right for Scotland explains what’s going on. The delightful duopoly have so successfully alienated just about everyone in the country with a real job that few people see any ideological reason to support them. Hence, it’s all about payback.

Needless to say, this has passed the MSM by. Of course. The MSM exists in the self-same bubble as the politicians, they never meet any normal people either. Equally, it was the MSM that started this sudden demand for cash in the first place. Seriously, has any sane person ever changed their vote through seeing a party leader being serenaded by twenty-six dwarfs ? Nope, these insane photo ops are all about appealing to the jaded hacks in the MSM, with the public as bemused onlookers.

It was only recently that I realised what this reminded me of. Here, we have the MSM breathlessly reporting on a bunch of vacuous Metropolitan weenies, while the public at large ignores them completely. The MSM keeps telling us how brilliant they are, and the public keep spending their money somewhere – anywhere – else, so naturally these people demand huge quantities of public money so they can keep on producing their self-indulgent garbage. No wonder politicians get on so well with movie people. No wonder the parties are so brokeback.

So now we have Nu Lab in favour of the redistribution of wealth from the poor to ad agencies, while the Tories claim people choosing who to give money to is undemocratic. The argument goes that if we don’t give these low-life huge amounts of public money, they’ll take industrial quantities of bribes. I’m not sure when being unbelievably corrupt became an argument for being trusted with public money. Speaking personally, I favour an alternative way to deal with rampant bribery, the method used in every other sector in Britain. Not only would this clean up politics, it would also reduce other forms of crime. After all, what better deterrent could there be than the possibility of having David Cameron as a cell mate ?

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