Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pot Calling The Kettle......Something

The BBC reports the Treason Party’s demand that the BNP not put up a candidate in the local elections in Huyton. And why ? Ah well, that’s where Anthony Walker was murdered. Huh ?

As it happens, and despite the impression the BBC give, the Walkers refused to be press ganged into the Lib’s rantings, restricting themselves to releasing an anodyne statement saying that they can’t see how the BNP candidacy will help race relations – not hitherto known to be a major concern of the BNP. Fortunately, the Liberals’ never need anyone’s help to rant:
To actually put a candidate forward is not only repugnant but also goes against what I would consider to be decent human values
In which parallel universe is the party of Mark Oaten, Jenny Tonge and voting mills qualified to talk about decency ? You can imagine the furore if the BNP had started declaring that their opponents lacked decent human values. For the record, there is no evidence that the killers were members of, approved of, or even knew any members of, the BNP.

In so far as an actual point can be identified, Liberals seem to be saying that the killers of Anthony Walker were racists and so is the BNP so the BNP killed Anthony Walker. Or something.

If nothing else, this attempt to mau-mau a political party into withdrawing from an election should stop Liberals taking out onions over the world’s ‘disenfranchised’. But let’s, for the sake of the Liberal’s insane argument, accept that the BNP is responsible for the death of Anthony Walker. Can we have some sauce for that goose ?

After all, exactly this kind of PC hysteria has become endemic in the public services. Laban catalogues some of the more extreme examples in the prison service, and asks whether or not the atmosphere of frenzied witch hunting had anything to do with the development of a culture where no one dared look at a serious offender’s file and say ‘hey, I thought this guy was scheduled for deportation’ ?

On a similar theme, why is there this fatwa on asking who the July 7 bombers would have voted for ? After all, whatever the BNP may or may not believe, it’s not like they had MPs or national media exposure to push their policies. The BNP never ridiculed the possibility of racial attacks in Britain. They never expressed sympathy for those who committed racists murders abroad. They never complained about the demonisation of racist killers. More to the point, they never tried to block legislation aimed at racist killers or smeared law enforcement professionals trying to track down these thugs as closet totalitarians. Liberals did all this and more when the issue was terrorism.

There’s no need for girly-girl talk about ‘values’ when the subject is Liberal support for terrorists, we have hard facts. Right up until July 7, the Treason Party was denouncing everyone who warned of the danger. Afterwards, there was a short silence, for all of about five minutes, after which mentally subnormal service was resumed. Maybe the BNP should be shamed by the possibility that two racist morons might support them, but looking at the Treason Party’s policies, the problem isn’t so much that the July 7 bombers would approve of the Treason Party, so much as that so many of their members seem to approve of the bombers.

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