Monday, April 17, 2006

At Least John Wayne Didn't Demand The Sioux Built Him A House

Trust a Liberal to focus like a laser on the real problem. Margaret Hodge has warned that allowing uncontrolled mass immigration of unassimilatable welfare queens into this country increases support for the BNP. Yes, that’s it. Doubtless, her colleagues in government are busy making preparations for a pandemic of lethal influenza, lest it undermine support for the NHS.

Deftly refuting the stereotype of Liberals as out of touch snobs, Hodge has identified the reason why so many people are turning to the BNP: not enough council houses. All we need to do is build enough houses for the locals and the tidal wave of immigrants pouring into the country (apparently, scrounging off the welfare state is one of those jobs the British just won’t do). Call it a wild guess, but I’m thinking we’ll need a hell of a lot of houses – and a hell of a lot of native British taxpayers to pay for them.

Of course, now our fearless MSM has been given permission to cover the subject, we can now find out just how many houses we’ll need for all these ‘highly-skilled immigrants supporting our high-tech industries’ (who need free houses). We now find out that approximately 8500 Africans alone took up residence in a borough of just 164,000 in one year. Or to put it another way, in five years the ethnic population went from 18% to 30%. And how are they assimilating ? Well, the Spectator’s fearlessness runs out at that point, so we only get vague hints like the observation that our ‘new Britons’ are busily setting up their own shops and churches. Is this immigration or colonisation ?

Not that the locals are worried, no sir. Hodge explains that it’s just the pace of change that’s alarmed the natives. Yes, indeed, if things would slow down so that it was, say, twenty years until native Britons became unwelcome squatters in their own country, why, everything would be just ducky.

So, that’s the answer: keep giving away freebies to any idiot who can make his way to Heathrow and mumble the word 'asylum' but tax the natives even more so that their kids might have a vanishingly small chance of obtaining socialhousing, and also marginally slow down the pace of social collapse. Is it ironic, or just stupid, that a woman calling her party out of touch produces such a profoundly loopy diagnosis ?

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