Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tories Come Out Of The Closet

The latest news from Opus Dave is that they’ve decided prison doesn’t work. Add that to their embrace of the Michael Moore tendency, as evidenced by their tacit endorsement of the rampaging loons during Condi’s visit, their weak as water opposition to ID cards and their bizarre attempt to cast opposition to the Common European Light Bulb as tantamount to being a Nazi, and the question has to be asked: in what sense are these people actually Conservative ?

It’s tempting to blame all this on the Manchurian Candidate, but look at the history of the Tories. Even under their most Thatcherite leaders – Thatcher, for example – the Tories barely waged the Culture War. Maybe all Cameron has done differently is come out of the closet ? That’s why the dominant emotion on hearing Cameron’s rantings on, say, UKIP isn’t anger, it’s relief. Now at least we all know where we stand.

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