Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Liberal Tells Truth Shocker!

See, this is how I get confused. Via e-mail (Thanks, SM), I find out that the government is apparently clamping down on racial abuse, except in the comments on this post, Joe reminds us that it's apparently it’s no big thing after all. It’s a mystery all right!

As it happens, DSD has identified another of these mysterious cases. Fortunately, he has a fan who can explain it all. It goes against the grain to say something nice about a Leftist, but at least the guy is remarkably upfront about what Liberals really believe about racial issues. Normally, these guys would rather drink battery acid than tell the truth about what they believe.

It takes sodium penthol to get a Liberal to admit that when social workers left Victoria Climbe to die, they were doing no more than following the tenets of multiculturalism, most of all, the insane belief that if Africans – even ones living in Britain – want to torture their kids over a period of months, well, who are we to say that’s necessarily wrong ?

Now, Liberals have gone further than mere multiculturalism. Insane though this doctrine was, you could almost recognise it as a warped mutation of a belief in racial equality. But now ? Equality has been thrown overboard; now the world is divided into oppressors and oppressed based purely on racial classification. So black Premiership players are oppressed, while white guys selling ‘The Big Issue’ are oppressors. Obvious, init ? Whites have the racial equivalent of original sin, meanwhile almost any form of social pathology exhibited by a black guy has to be excused because they’re victims. Bluurgh!

There are approximately 2 billion things wrong with this argument, but just to expand on an obvious one that I pointed out in the comments to that post, here we have a group of people who claim that their victim status means they don’t have to conform to the demands of normal society, then whine that they’re marginalized. Huh ? Are we supposed to be shocked that, say, employers tend to go for people who don’t claim the right to wear racist regalia in the workplace ?

But mentioning the specific idiocies of this argument risks obscuring the more basic insanity. Liberals claim to abhor racial prejudice, but consider where that word comes from. Ah yes, the praejudicium, the Roman pre-trial hearing held to determine the ranks of the contending parties. Now, we have Liberals insisting that we can’t judge people merely based on trivia like who they are, no, we have to take into account their racial rank. Meanwhile, it's the racists who want people judged on the content of their character rather than the colour of their skin. So, is screaming racist abuse a good or a bad thing ? Well, that depends who’s doing it.

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