Monday, May 02, 2005

Whispers In The Grass

Anyone remember Annie Jacobson ? She was the crazed, hysteric who worte an article about a perfectly respectable group of ROPers who were in no way a threat to anybody. Except it now turns out.....

Doubtless, even now Jacobson's critics are busily composing notes of apology. Or maybe they'll just dump this story down the memory hole like so many others. Yes, I can see why governments may want to soft-peddle the threat from terrorists - I think it's a stupid idea, but yes, I can see why they might not think so. But what of the media ? Our devil-may-care free press ? How come the only way to find out how the war is really going is to rely on samizdat media like the 'Net ?

Simply put, journalists have asssimilated the PC agenda to such a degree that the notion of journalists as actual 'reporters' has gone the way of the dodo. Journalists are now 'opinion formers', helping the benighted masses come to the correct conclusions: there is no war, no threat, everything's wonderful. And so it will continue until Birmingham gets nuked, at which point the media will ask 'why weren't we warned ?'.

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