Monday, May 30, 2005

French Kissing

Who'd have thunk it ? Yes, the Liberals will point out that the French Eurosceptics, have a completely different vision of Europe than the UK version. Well, like, yeah. That’s the point. Of course the Eurosceptic camp is a big tent – Europe is a big place, and we argue that it is precisely that diversity that argues against the EU’s absurd idea of remaking Europe as a monolithic entity.

The most interesting thing about the L3’s stupid GOTCHA! talking points – which argue for little more than that British and French Eurosceptics are so different, it's like they’re from two different countries – is that it kind of blows out of the water one of their previous favourite talking points. Now that the BBC, Guardian et al have been forced to admit the existence of Continental opposition to the EU, that wraps it up for the ‘Little Englander’’ myth. Apparently, opposition to signing Europe over to an oligarchy of thuggish kleptocrats and deranged collectivists is not some kind of weird British eccentricity after all. It turns out that the French do have a word for freedom after all.

So that’s the irony right there. The Left argued that democracy, freedom, justice and the like, where just some stupid anglosphere idea, that the Continentals got by just fine without them, and who were we to say our system was better ? Well, now we know – even people in France want to be free after all. Who'd have thunk that, that France would be the final proof of the Bush doctrine ?

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