Thursday, May 26, 2005

Report Claims Banks Chase Profitable Business, Liberals Shocked!

Here's a question - how do you get to be a 'consumer champion' ? Take Dame Deirdre Hutton, for example, former Chairman of the National Consumer Council. She's stepping down to take a doubtlessly well compensated role as head of the Food Standards Agency. I think we're not supposed to see any irony in a supposed consumer champion being an enthusiastic rider on the quangocrats merry-go-round. Anyway, she took the opportunity for one last chance to try and foist crypto-socialist nonsense on the Great British Public.

Dame Deidre is shocked - shocked I tell you - that financial institutions focus their efforts on people rich enough to buy their rubbish services. Actually, m'lady has only found the tip of the iceberg. As a former insider in the hospitality industry, I can exlusively reveal that bar staff and waiters focus their efforts on potential big tippers. It's discrimination, that's what it is. Who will speak up for the lemon-sucking Liberal academics cruely deprived of good service ?

What it's all about - apart from the knee-jerk ranting about eeeeeeevvvvillll banks, without which no Liberals day is complete - is providing covering fire for Charles Clark. We're supposed to see that HSBC has our financial data on file - a bank with financial details ? - so, hey, who cares if Nu Lab wants to set up its own database - it's just one more, right ? This argument is insane at so many levels, but for now, I'll just point out that Dame D complains that the unchecked power of capitalist pig banks allows them to give better service to Moira Moneydancents than to Joe Tyrekicker, meanwhile the unchecked power of government - enthusiatsically supported by Dame D - allows little faux pas, like the Holocaust and the Gulag. But at least the KGB never kept people waiting....

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