Sunday, May 01, 2005

The Only Conservatives The BBC Likes Are The Neutered Ones

Honestly, you really need a scorecard to keep up with these Liberals. Last week, all we heard from the Liberal media was talk that the Conservatives were obsessed with immigration, and besides, you know the type of people who’re going to be attracted by plans to restrict immigration. Oops.

Apparently, Conservatives mentioning immigration is proof of ideological exhaustion, but the Left calling Conservatives Nazis is as fresh now as it ever was. Then again, we don’t need lessons on the dangers of obsession from folks who are still yapping about a war that was fought two years ago.

Here’s the shocking truth: not a single person will vote differently because of Iraq. Outside media La-La Land, there are only three types of people still yammering on about it anyway. There are the New Age peace creeps – these people believe we could have avoided war if Blair had negotiated in good faith, but then they say that about Chamberlain. All we need to do is focus our karmic resonances on our crystal vibrancies and there’ll never be another war. These loonies always vote Lib Dem.

Next up, there are people who believe that Western Civilisation is the not only the worst on the planet, but the worst there could ever be on any planet anywhere. Their main problem with Al-Quaida is that they’re not anti-Western enough. They always vote Lib Dem or Labour.

Finally, there are the Paleocons - the people who never got over Suez. They’ll admit that militant Islam may be a problem but not as big a problem as those filthy Americans with their loud voices, stupid music and horrible food and...The only good thing that can be said for these 50s throwbacks is that they always vote Conservative anyway.

Iraq is the perfect barometer for the media/human divide. Are we really supposed to believe that there are people out there who didn’t know Blair was a lying scumbag ? Really, how can the media deny that they have utter contempt for the public ? Do they think we’re all morons ? Apparently so, since they hope we won’t miss they sudden switch round. Last week, when the Conservatives were talking about immigration, the Liberal media – the Beeb above all else – was bombarding us with stories about potential refugees who could theoretically fall foul of the Conservative proposals if they had flee a hypothetical regime in an as-yet-unknown country some time in the future. Now, the Conservatives find themselves pushing the same line as the L3 and no one at the BBC will point out that Howard’s proposals are insane.

The Conservative Party’s line of attack on Iraq is to claim that the war was illegal because there was no resolution from the UN. Or to put it another way, Michael Howard has announced that should his government receive information of an imminent threat to this country then he will not hesitate to crawl on his knees before Kofi’s Klowns and ask for permission to defend these islands. You can’t trust these people with kids, but Howard wants us to trust them with national security ?

This is – to say the least – a major change in policy for the Conservative Party, yet you need to put the pieces together yourself – the BBC won’t point it out. Here was a Conservative policy that really is debatable, but there’s been a media blackout.

This is the essence of media bias: a feeding frenzy when a Party comes out against the Liberal consensus, a cease-fire when it signs up to it. Tough line on immigration ? Bad dog! Outsource national security to the UN ? Good dog!

There’s an important lesson here. Following the impending disaster on May 5, the Tory modernisers will be at it again. We’ll be told that certain lightweight imbeciles are potential PMs for no better reason that their supposed electability – which, in practice means nothing more than their ability to garner fawning profiles for their courage in parroting the media line on the issue d’jour. Well, here it is: even Michael Howard can score no end of ‘good dog’ coverage – providing he’s prepared to let the whole country get neutered. Meanwhile, in the real world not a single person is changing their vote because of the media obsession d’jour. Immigration ? Crime ? Despite the best efforts of the media, these are issues that really have brought people over to the Conservatives. That’s the real lesson when it comes to electability - just look for the Conservative that the media hates.

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