Sunday, May 29, 2005

But At Least We Won't Give Them Steak Knives

The Yin to the Yang of Liberal’s teenage girly hysteria about killer chefs and the like is their insanely lacksaidaisical approach to real threats. Prospect of small town accountants going on the rampage with cutlery ? Libs need a valium enema to get off the ceiling. Insane death cult with a record of hideous violence ? Yeah, right, like that’s a threat.

That’s where I break with Mark Steyn (a fact certain to cause him no end of self-doubt). Steyn argues that while Blair is generally awful, he at least understands the threat the West faces. Myself, I think that Blair supported Bush on Iraq for his own reasons. Blair saw Iraq, correctly, as a test case for the whole World Government thing. While the French and the like see international law – whatever that may be – as merely a means for their Lilliputian selves to tie down the US, Blair really is a believer. Blair is genuinely committed to the idea of an activist UN desending upon naughty despots across the world as an end in itself, rather than as, say, Wolfowitz would see it, as a means of protecting the West from the instability arising from large parts of the world being an open sewer. Blair's support for the Iraq invasion was a case of a man choosing right for the wrong reasons. Nothing in Blair public pronouncements or policy indicates that he understands what it is that’s different about Islam or why Hindus aren’t flying airliners into office blocks.

Consider, for example, a recent exercise in dhimmitude. Head of the Armed Forces, General Walker was sent to prostate himself before the Muslim Council of Britain. Needless to say, not only did Walker do all but promise to personally fellate any Islamoids who joined up, he also contributed such pears of wisdow as ‘The MCB has made a real and lasting contribution to the creation of a just and tolerant society.’ Equally inevitably, those of us who criticised this AT THE TIME were subject to the usual Liberal squawking: the MCB was a fabulous organisation, Islam was a ducky ideology, the real threat was pharmacists with kitchen knives….

Well now, it turns out the MCB have been in the news again:

Muslim protesters today called for the bombing of New York in a demonstration outside the US embassy in London.
There were threats of "another 9/11" from militants angry at reports of the desecration of the Koran by US troops in Iraq.
Some among the crowd burned an effigy of Tony Blair on a crucifix and then set fire to a Union flag and a Stars and Stripes. Led by a man on a megaphone, they chanted, "USA watch your back, Osama is coming back" and "Kill, kill USA, kill, kill George Bush". A small detail of police watched as they shouted: "Bomb, bomb New York" and "George Bush, you will pay, with your blood, with your head."
Demonstrators in Grosvenor Square, some with their faces covered with scarves, waved placards which included the message: "Desecrate today and see another 9/11 tomorrow."
The protest was organised by groups including the Muslim Council for Britain and the Muslim Parliamentary Association of the UK. Their protest follows fury in the Islamic world over the claims in a Newsweek magazine that US soldiers at Guantanamo Bay had abused the Koran.

Quick, someone get White Flag Walker on the phone and ask him how the creation of a just and tolerant society is going. It might just be me, but I can’t see that these are necessarily the best people to be giving arms and training to. Call it a wild shot in the dark.

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