Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pirate Sunk

Sanity ? From a judge ? Apparently so. Nothing is more frustrating than these cases where scumbag lawyers claim that because their client was not specifically warned not to beat themselves about the head with a shovel, they should score two million. That is real contempt of court, the desire to turn justice into a word game, and - not coincidentally - open the gates to obtrusive government.

Needless to say, Radio 2 invited us to feel sympathy for the treasure-hunting slag - apparently, she may have to pay costs. Gosh - you mean you can't even try and screw money out of a company with a fatuous lawsuit without facing consequences ? What's happening to the world ?

Still, just to prove nothing has really changed:

Scottish Health Minister Andy Kerr said the ruling would have no impact on the Scottish Executive's plans to introduce a ban on smoking in public places next year.
Personal responsibility ? Here, on Fantasy Island ? C'mon.

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