Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Filthy Traitor Defeats Filthy Traitor, Liberals Shocked!

What did I tell you ? You need to hire your own personal staff of Kremlinologists to keep track of what’s happening these days. Take events in Reading. The Pub Philosopher was the first to point out the rather large hole in the media reporting. Note that the reports don’t say anything to the effect ‘Police have refused to release any details of the people they’re looking for’. Nope – our devil-may-care media just doesn’t mention it.

Gosh – what can it mean ?

You have to climb into the animal house to work out what’s really going on. As if we couldn’t guess.

This is the problem Liberals have – they genuinely believe everyone else is too stupid to work out what their game is. They think we’ve got a serious case of goldfish memory. Well, not quite. We can remember all that Liberal posturing about zero tolerance for violence against women. We can recall those cases of men arrested for alleged violence even without an actual accuser. We can remember the bogus statistics proving that being a housewife in Leamington Spa was more dangerous than being a Second Lieutenant on the Somme. Well, here it is: here’s a case where a woman has been subjected to truly horrific violence. Even those of us who think violence against feminists shouldn’t just be legalised, it should be made compulsory, can nevertheless recognise these individuals as truly evil. And the feminazis ? The folks who claim a woman who gets called fat by a colleague truly deserves £1.5 million compensation ? Where are they ? Answer: nowhere.

A large section of the Left is still all a-twitter about Galloway defeating King. These are strange times when Oona King is being put forward as a model of political probity. The Left’s real problem with Galloway isn’t that he’s betrayed the ideals of Liberalism, it’s that he’s followed them through to their logical conclusion. Liberals were getting along fine boiling the frog when Gorgeous George turned up with his blowtorch and a nasty case of Liberal Tourette's syndrome.

Think of a current political issue. Consider what a superpatriot would think. Consider what a Brit-hating loon would think. Work your way inwards from both positions and see which reaches the Liberals first. You could be talking about anything from aviation to zoology and the Liberals will find an anti-British position. Feminazis signing a non-aggression pact with murderous gang rapists is the true measure of how much Liberals hate Britain.

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