Thursday, May 19, 2005

Summer Sale: Liberal Credibility Now Lower Than Ever

Hey Liberals – how’s that boycott of Bluewater going ? Here’s a free clue – have you seen it being mentioned once on the BBC ? Say no more. But don’t call the boycott ineffectual – it has had an effect, just not the one L3 intended – it actually increased visitor numbers by almost a quarter. In a development that has stunned the Guardian, it turns out that the public has little sympathy with demands that private businesses allow their property to be invaded by knuckle-dragging yobbos.

As ever, there’s a wider point here. Liberals went to Code Red when the Great Hoodie Scandal Of 2005 broke, as summarised by LT. Bluewater was hit with the Liberals’ trademark Full-Spectrum BS, everything from agonised essays about alienated yoofs to Lefty sneerathons involving hypothetical cases of monks popping into JJB Sports for some trainers. End result ? Total humiliation.

Is it just me or are other people starting to see a pattern here ? Some organisation reveals a new policy, the Liberal Establishment spends two days interviewing each other about what a disaster it’ll be, then it turns out that the public love it after all. It almost as if Liberals are starting to sink into total irrelevance, but at least they can reassure themselves with one thought: no matter how much of a national joke they become, they’ll always be one group of people who’ll respect their opinions.

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