Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Tipping Point

Is modern liberalism dependent on victimhood? Well, consider that the Guardian has now started running tearful articles on the discrimination Muslims could face, if the government were to introduce profiling.

Coming soon: how right wing necromancy could lead to your kids being eaten by zombies!

Hey, if our hypothetical doctor really is an 'Islamic moderate' whose country is being torn apart by terrorist lunatics, wouldn't he be onboard with just about any measures to clamp down on Islamic terrorists? After all, Miami Cubans aren't known for the deep love and affection for communism.

But we don't profile: that would be uncivilised. Instead, we have compulsory nudie scanners. Hey, I admit I haven't checked up on our ever-expanding Human Rights Act in the last 48 hours or so, but I'm thinking that if a demand you get your virtual tackle out before flying doesn't contravene your human rights, they aren't worth having.

Oh yeah.... profiling isn't 100% reliable. Meanwhile, the panty bomber buys a one-way ticket with cash while on a 'no-fly' list, but this doesn't say anything about the efficacy of non-profiling methods - and neither does the fact he used a liquid explosive that doesn't show up on scanners anyway.

Folks, I think we're reaching a tipping point. Liberals always love the pose of Olympian detachment, coolly deciding between various competing claims, but that dog won't hunt anymore.

Leaving aside drivel about lack of efficacy - despite 100% of Islamic terrorists being found to be Islamic - the case against profiling always was that it was better to slightly inconvenience everyone than to make people who exactly match the profile of the last hundred or so people to commit acts of terrorism onboard airliners feel slightly uncomfortable by asking them more questions than an 88 year old Jamaican grandmother would face. So now we have a system where your teenage daughter will be required to go through the nudie scanner four or five times in front of drooling imbeciles while the guy with 16 South Yememese stamps in his passports gets waved through because we don't want to make him feel uncomfortable.


JuliaM said...

"But we don't profile: that would be uncivilised. Instead, we have compulsory nudie scanners."

Which may not work and may be illegal for children...

Umbongo said...


I think you'll be pleased to read this in which those doughty Muslim crime fighters - well, not including crime committed by Muslims obviously - throw their weight against the government's Prevent "strategy". According to the National Association of Muslim Police "the hatred towards Muslims [apparently caused by the Prevent strategy] has grown to a level that defies all logic and is an affront to British values."

I like the use of the phrase "British values": what would members of the NAMP know about "British values"? Maybe they learnt them from this guy.

Dave H said...

"...the fact he used a liquid explosive..."

Quibbling over minor details as ever: I think he used PETN, which isn't a liquid unless in solution or the contents of your pants are really hot.